How to Check Motherboard Model Without Opening the Case?

The compatibility of all other devices and cards on your computer is highly dependent on what kind of motherboard you have installed in it. While upgrading your PC or Laptop, you might need to know the model of your motherboard.

One way of checking the model of the motherboard is by opening up the case of your device and looking into it. The name, model number, and other specifications are printed on the board. It may sound easy but trust me you do not want to dive into a ton of mangled wires.

Well, you do not want to get into the mess of removing the case and that is why you’re here looking for ways to check your motherboard model without opening the case of your computer.

How to Check Motherboard Model Without Opening the Case?

Following are some easy ways through which you can find the model of your motherboard without having to open the case at all.

Check Motherboard Model By Using the Command Prompt

Command Prompt, also known as the CMD, is in-built computer software that allows users to perform certain tasks using commands. To perform a command; open the command prompt through the Windows search bar OR press Windows + R, enter cmd, and run the program.

Type “ systeminfo ” and press enter again. All information regarding your computer will appear. You can find the model of your motherboard from there.

Instead of entering systeminfo, you can also write “wmic baseboard get product, manufacturer”. This command will lead you to a page where you can directly access the motherboard model.

Check Motherboard Model By Using Windows System Information

Another way of finding the motherboard model number is using the windows system information. All you have to do is open the Run dialogue box. Type “ msinfo32 “ and press enter. A system information window will pop up on your screen. All necessary information regarding the computer processors will be available at your fingertips.

Using DirectX:

The DirectX installed on your device can also provide detailed information regarding its components, graphics cards, processors, and drivers. Accessing the motherboard model number through DirectX is pretty simple:

  1. Press Windows + R buttons on your keyboard, a dialogue box will appear.
  2. Enter “ dxdiag “ in the blank space and run the command.
  3. The DirectX Diagnostic Tool screen will show.
  4. At the top left of the page, you will find 4 subheadings. Go to the System heading and you will find the motherboard model right there.

Using Boot Menu:

A boot menu appears only when you reboot your device. This menu also contains the necessary details about the computer’s internal processors. While the computer is being rebooted, you have to press one of the following keys for the boot menu to show up. The keys are usually Esc, F2, F10, or F12, but vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Third-Party Applications:

Boot menus are not always reliable and thus we have 3rd party applications for this purpose as well.

They easily collect and present information about the model of your motherboard without having to lift its case.

Several third-party applications are available on the internet that can be easily downloaded

Listed below are the top three most reliable and top-rated ones, tried and tested by users worldwide.


CPU Z is available for Android and Windows both.

The application needs to be downloaded which is available for free on the official website of CPU-Z.

This is the most popular third-party application amongst users who are benefiting from it not only from getting information about the motherboard but various other components also.

All you need to do is download and launch, the dialogue box appearing will carry all information you are possibly looking for.

Belarc Advisor

Belarc Advisor is free and that is a reason most people love it.

All you need to do is look it up on the search engine that you prefer, you will be directed towards its official website. Click download.

Once you launch it after it is downloaded it will provide you with information about the RAM, hard drive, antivirus status, and connected devices along with the motherboard.

However, the information is displayed in. A web browser and internet are mandatory to use Belarc Advisor.


Speccy is also a way that tells you how to check the motherboard model without opening the case.

It provides you with in-depth information about all the components of your computer, be it desktop or laptop.

It is totally up to you how deep you want to dig in the well of information, or just close the application after checking the model number of the motherboard.

The user interface is kept as simple as possible for all users, especially for non-technical background users.


You do not have to mess up with the wiring and other components of the motherboard to check its model number.

Listed in this article are multiple ways that tell you how to check the motherboard model without opening the case.

These include using the command prompt, through Direct X or boot menu, or simply by the windows systems information.

You can also use third-party applications such as CPU-Z, Speccy, and Belarc Advisor. These require additional effort for downloading. However, they work with optimum accuracy.

Let us know which one you find the most convenient. Our personal favorite method to find out the model number of the motherboard is by using the Windows System Information


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